Wednesday 16th July

Red Brae - Carnmanus - Bellahill - Rawbrae Road

It was a beautiful evening with clear sunshine when we left the Harbour Car Park. It was to remain so for the rest of the evening. The group numbered 12, numbers depleted no doubt because of members being on holiday.

We parked at the old Gospel Hall on the corner of Lough Road and Red Brae Road and started along towards Lough Mourne. There were many puddles to be avoided along the way - the potholes have got worse over the years. We avoided the turn-off to the lake-side and soon encountered even larger puddles - those not wearing wellies had to take to the grass verge alongside the lane.

After a little we crossed the Beltoy Road into a lane which was much overgrown. In single file, those at the back were grateful for having the tall grass and nettles well trodden down for them!

The way improved after crossing another minor road and we proceeded alongside fields where farmers were taking advantage of the fine evening to harvest silage.

Here and a little further on we had splendid views over Belfast Lough towards the Copelands at Donaghadee. To the south, Slieve Croobe and the Mournes could be picked out, if a little hazily. In the other direction the Mull of Galloway and further north Ailsa Craig, off the Ayrshire Coast at Girvan were clearly visible. Back in the lough the Stena HSS was Belfast-bound.

Encountering a donkey along the way - duly nourished with a generously proffered apple - we went down the lane to the Dalway's Bawn Road. We went in the opposite direction from the Bawn and turned into another short lane. Soon we were crossing fields - still muddy after the wet weather and after several gates and a couple of fences we were at our leader's home on Rawbrae Road.

Return transport to the starting point was laid on, and so a very pleasant evening ended back again at the Lough Road.

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